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About Us

If you are like us, you love good food, you believe in food variety and you read the labels. If you are like us, life is busy and finding time to cook is difficult. You also know that healthy, natural, nutritious foods are much harder to find than it seems.

Born in Bucks County PA, we make wholesome, delicious crepes that are:

100% Natural, Gluten Free & Vegetarian

As well as:

✔ Chemical Free

✔ Preservative Free

✔ Artificial Flavor Free

✔ Processed Ingredient Free

✔ Antibiotic Free

✔ rBST Free

If your stomach is like ours, it thinks… “Wholly @&%$! “natural flavors” in my food is an oxymoron. Chemicals and preservatives whose names you can’t pronounce have no place in my meals. (And if you wonder… yes our stomach thinks!) 🙂

If you are like us you want foods that:

  1. Are made of natural ingredients only
  2. Are tasty yet wholesome and nutritious, whether on the
    go, or for an elegant dinner
  3. Have all these attributes and require very little time to prepare

We are “foodies”, just like you! We founded Wholly Crepe to solve these problems.

We strive to provide wholesome, delicious, nutritious, natural food.


Since our crepes are handcrafted, artisan food, no two crepes are exactly the same.

Wholly Crepe LLC, New Hope PA

Phone: 267.832.6480

Email: info@wholly-crepe.com